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Tianna Farni for The Meadow


interviewer: Sara Sharif (@sarangelic)

interviewee: Tianna Farni(@tiannasinterlude)

Tianna Farni is 20 years old and from Oklahoma. "I’ve been doing photography for about 10 years, basically all my life. I’m into other things as well but I always come back to photography."

t h e   i n t e r v i e w

1. Please start with a little introduction about yourself!

My name is Tianna Farni. I’m 20 years old and from Oklahoma. I’ve been doing photography for about 10 years, basically my whole life. I’m into other things as well but I always come back to photography.

2. What is your photography style?

My photography style is all over the place. I dabble in everything. My photography is not traditional at all, it’s very out there.

3. When did you decide or know that you wanted to be a photographer?

I started doing photography when I was 10 years old but I didn’t know that’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t know until last year.

4. How has your journey been so far?

My journey as a photographer has been amazing. It has allowed me to meet new people and learn new things. I wouldn’t know half of the things I know now if I weren’t for photography. My creative endeavours have let me meet people that I never thought I would meet.

5. I adore your aesthetic! Tell us more about the inspiration that drives you to capture what you do!

I get a lot of my inspiration from other photographers and artists that I follow on Instagram. I’m constantly posting work that inspires me on my story. I’m also very inspired by my partner. They are my number one fan and help me to grow every day. I would be lost without them by my side.

6. Who is a photographer you look up to?

I look up to a lot of photographers such as Anna Koblish, Malik Marble, Devin Desouza, etc. I just like photographers who are doing things that you usually don’t see.

7. Do elaborate on some of your own favourite works and the behind-the-scenes! 

Some of my favorite projects have been ones that I’ve taken all by myself. Such as this self-portrait series I took in my bathroom, titled Lonesome, and this self-portrait series I took in my bedroom titled Butterfly Boy.


8. What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Explain your work flow.

After I take the photos, I edit them in lightroom and sometimes in photoshop. I don’t do much to the pictures but play with the colors and contrast.

9. What equipment do you use and swear by?

I use my canon rebel t5 for digital pictures and a ton of different film cameras. I use a fisheye lens as well for a lot of my photos.

10. What are the editing applications and software that you use and would suggest for beginners?

I suggest lightroom and photoshop because they’re the best in my opinion, but there are also a number of free editing applications for those who can’t afford creative cloud.

11. What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

I wish I knew about lighting and composition when I first started. I recently had a friend show me about composition and camera settings and how it affects the picture. It helped me tremendously and I wish I had known that information sooner.

12. How has work been different during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, my work has improved. I’ve allowed myself more time to think on projects and more time to edit. I’m very grateful for this improvement. I’ve done fewer shoots with large groups of people during the pandemic as well.

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