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The Segals for The Meadow

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interviewer: Sara Sharif (@sarangelic)

interviewee: The Segals (@the_segals)

The Segals have grown to become my favourite band in no time! I first heard about them on Instagram and was hooked instantly! Their voices, the interesting instruments, their support to the LGBT+ community, and their peaceful vibe are just a few of the things that makes me love their music and them more every single day. I hope you give them a listen as well because I know you will grow to love them just as much. 

It was such a pleasure to interview them; they were extremely kind and enthusiastic about it! There is a little surprise at the end of the interview as well that they were kind enough to share specifically for Pastel Serenity! Have fun reading! 

t h e   i n t e r v i e w

1.    Please start by introducing yourselves and maybe add a quirky trait about each one of you!


We are a 4 brother band from Vancouver, Canada! Joy, the oldest brother, is the responsible one who loves writing poetry and lyrics. Dani, the second oldest, plays multiple instruments but also has a huge passion for cooking, dancing, and being outdoors. Adam & Ben are the twins! Adam has written probably the most songs out of all of us, and he is also an incredible painter. Ben is our peaceful younger brother who teaches meditation and nutrition to us all. We are all best friends :)

2.   What genre would you say your music belongs to?


We would say acoustic pop! We love catchy melodies and are all very passionate about acoustic instruments!


3.   When did you all decide to be a band and why? Was there a purpose to it?


Our parents made us play instruments from a very young age… so we always naturally had a band! We would play with each other as kids, just having fun…. but only in the past few years have we started taking it seriously. Our purpose behind music has always been to try to help spread a message of peace and unity!


4.     How has your journey been so far as a band?


We have definitely had many ups and downs! We actually “broke up” as a band 3 years ago… we just lost our passion for music and needed some time away from one another. We each went travelling, learnt new instruments, and grew a lot spiritually. So when we all decided to come back together, we were each individually stronger and wiser people. So this time around will be different!


5.     I’ve seen y’all play a variety of instruments, and some I probably didn’t recognize! Do elaborate on that and your favourites as well.


The main instruments we play are: guitar, ukulele, tambourine, and a drum called “cajón” (a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru). We’re always interested in learning about instruments from around the world.


6.       What is each one’s creative process when it comes to composing and song writing?


We each have a very different approach! For Dani and Ben, they usually start off with guitar chords and singing random melodies. For Joy, he likes to write poetry and then turn it into a song after. For Adam, he kind of does both at the same time… it’s actually amazing to watch… he can just pick up his ukulele and write a song on the spot.


7.    What/who is your inspiration?


Definitely The Beatles! And John Mayer. And Shawn Mendes. But mainly The Beatles.


8.   Your tremendous love for your mother is always heart-warming. Tell us more about your family and your day-to-day life!


We are a very close family! We eat our meals together, watch movies together, and like to have fun as a group. Usually it’s just us 4… but our mom is always welcome to come hang out with us! She’s cool like that. But she spends most of her time with our dog haha. For all 4 of us, our mom is the most important person in our lives!


9.   What message do you wish to convey through your music?


Peace. Love. Unity & Equality.


10.  You released incredible music this year! Hippie and Family make you feel two completely different, but both raw, emotions. Talk about what influenced both of them and tell us more about the making of the MVs during lockdown!


Thanks for saying that! Both songs centered around the idea that “we’re all more similar than different” …. and that’s a message we all need reminding of. They were both simple songs, with a simple message… but we’re so happy that people enjoyed them! Most musicians talk a lot about relationships, but our songs are mainly about unity 🦋


The music videos were each filmed in one day! There wasn’t too much planning that went into them, besides just the goal of having a fun time and hanging out in nature. We are very lucky that we live near incredible parks and lakes… Canada is so beautiful this time of year!


(Find the Music Videos at the end of the interview!)


11.  Is there anything you would like to say about the current stresses all around world?


It’s a very strange time indeed! And truthfully, no one knows where things will lead. However, we believe that in order to have a brighter future, where everyone is seen (and treated) as equal… there likely needs to be a period of revolution and rebellion! We can no longer stand for injustice and racism! No more will we accept corruption and greed! We must stand together and fight for a better tomorrow.



12.  I have noticed y’all are very open about your support to the LGBTQIAP+ community! (yay<3) Please do elaborate a little more on that and about any personal experiences, if any. (and if comfortable).


With Dani being openly bisexual, it has really taught us a lot about equality. It’s crazy how there are still many people on Earth that judge each other based on color, race and sexual preferences!

We envision a world where people respect each other regardless of our differences! That’s a world worth living in… and it’s a world worth fighting for. Let’s all come together to make a difference. The LGBT community is awesome because they already have a deep understanding of how to respect each other… and to us, that’s the foundation of Unity.


13. So, what’s next!? What should we be on the lookout for?


More music videos and happy vibrations in the near future!



14.  How do we gain access to your music?


Currently, our music is all on YouTube… but we will hopefully be on Spotify soon!



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