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Sydney Schizzano for The Meadow


interviewer: Sara Sharif (@sarangelic)

interviewee: Sydney Schizzano (@sydneyschizzano)

With an eclectic taste in music as inspiration and a quirky personality to match, Sydney Schizzano has mastered the art of genre-bending and created her own distinctive style. Drawn in by her enchanting vocals and hooked on groovy beats, rich chords, and moving harmonies, listeners are transported to a new world while listening. As a singer-songwriter, Sydney draws inspiration from her personal experiences to tell stories with a luster and clarity that adds to the vulnerable relatability of her lyrics. 

Sydney is excited to share her new single, IDK/UFO. Here's what she had to say about it: "My Opa (Grandpa) has spent most of his life being obsessed with UFOs. There’s a shelf in my mom's old bedroom filled wall to wall with books on life beyond earth and if you'll listen, he'll take any opportunity to tell you about his experience 'being abducted'. Inspired by my grandfather's stories and written from my own perspective, IDK/UFO is a coming of age story. Speaking to what it was like to be the black sheep of my family, to grow up queer, to pursue a career in music, and the unsettling feeling of potentially disappointing your loved ones".

t h e   i n t e r v i e w

1. Please start with a little introduction about yourself!

My name is Sydney Schizzano, I’m gonna be 25 soon (which makes me want to barf), I’m super gay and I’ve been making music for over 7 years!


2. What genre would you say your music belongs to?

I would say I’m starting to move into more of an indie/alt/pop genre lol. I blame this on my indecisiveness as a Gemini! I’ve got a love for most genres so I like to dip my toe a little in multiple styles.


3. What is the story behind your musical journey?

As a kid music has always been in my life! My sister, cousin and I would always play songs in our basement from ABBA to Greenday (this could also be the culprit of my love for multiple genres lol). As I grew up and started to come into my own, I started listening to artists like Frank Ocean, Iron & Wine and The 1975. I started writing songs at around 13 and seriously crafting songs at around 19. Coming out in the middle of this time, I took to songwriting to help me cope, but it ended up really sticking. And now I’m here! Making music and trying my best to be an adult at the same time!


4. And how has your journey been so far as a queer artist?

It’s been lit lol! I’ve met queer people like me more and more each day over social media which has been amazing! As much as I love my family and friends I don’t have a lot of queer people in my life (other than my amazing girlfriend). So reaching more queer people with my music has not only been great for my music but also to make me feel less alone!


5. I am in love with your latest, “IDK/UFO”. Tell us what “IDK/UFO” means to you and what your aim was during the making.

Ugh THANK YOU!! I’m so glad you like it! This song has been incredibly healing to write. It really tells the story of my life verse 1 being childhood/teen hood, 2nd serve being college life and early adulthood and the third verse depicts the future with my girlfriend and I starting a family of our own. It touches on themes of being alienated by people who don’t even mean to do so and not knowing how to handle the next chapter of my life, whether that being choosing music as my career and knowing how much of a gamble that is or how my girlfriend and I won’t be able to have a family as easily as others. 

Official Art copy.png

6. How was the process of the making of the single?

For me, the hardest part was recording the vocals.  Writing it was the easiest part of the process, I wrote the lyrics in the car driving home from my sister's apartment in the city. After sharing the lyrics with my girlfriend (Maria) she encouraged me to finish it. So I added the music and melody when I got home and fell in love with it. Producing it was ALL thanks to my friend Zach Grappone! He recorded everything other than the vocals and piano, so producing it was least if my worries, he sent me the first mix and I was absolutely floored.


Making the art was a fun session! My sister lives in the city and is a talented photographer/graphic designer, and she knows when she comes home to visit she should bring her camera because I usually have a crazy idea for her to bring to life lol! So for the official artwork, I had to jump for the photo and let me tell you, I am very far from being considered an athlete lol! We had SO MANY PHOTOS from that shoot and only like one was usable lol! But listen we got it done and with my sisters editing talents we got the amazing final result!


7. What is your creative process?

It really varies. I find myself writing a lot in the car, whether it just being a lyric or full ideas of melody and chord structure. Sometimes I’ll turn on voice memos before I start driving so I can record any ideas I have. That’s how I wrote the single before this one “(Not) Ready''. For “IDK/UFO”, I wrote that while someone else was driving so I was able to craft the lyrics while they were driving. But I find it a really calming and quiet place for me to think and be creative!


8. Who is your musical inspiration?

Ughhhhh Phoebe freaking Bridgers man, she is killing it! I’m a relatively new fan but her music ( punisher in particular) really inspired this recent single! 


9. Any tips for our musicians out here?

Just make stuff! Stop being afraid to be vulnerable in your writing! Write what you feel and you can never go wrong!


10. So, what should we expect next, in the near future?

An album I hope! I’d say my album is about 45% done lol! We have a lot of work to do but I’m hoping we’ll be done by the end of this year!


11. How do we gain access to your music?

It’s everywhere yo! All major streaming services have my stuff! So search me up (Sydney Schizzano) and I’ll most likely be there!

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