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Nautics for The Meadow

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interviewer: Sara Sharif (@sarangelic)

interviewee: Nautics  (@official__nautics)

Nautics are a band of 4 incredible musicians who have taken the initiative with their songs. “Thoughts on the Ceiling”, by donating all the proceeds to Food Bank for NYC!

Scroll below to know more about this generous and extremely talented band and stream their song, "Thoughts on the Ceiling", to contribute to the donations!

image credit: Steven @stevenciravolo

t h e   i n t e r v i e w

1. Please start by introducing yourselves!

Hey, I'm Levitt, the drummer of Nautics. 

What’s up! I’m Amir and I mostly play keys.

Howdy I’m Van, I play bass.

Hello, I’m Kenzo. I am the front person for Nautics. I play guitar and sing.

2. What genre would you say your music belongs to?

Indie Space Pop Rock. - Levitt

Indie? - Van

Yeah probably indie. - Amir

I guess indie pop. What Levitt said. - Kenzo

3. When did you all decide to be a band and why? Was there a purpose to it?

Around 2015? - Van

I genuinely just wanted to make music and meet new people. I don’t think there was ever an end goal, even to this day. - Kenzo

4. How has your journey been so far as a band?

Pretty great. - Levitt

Pretty all over the place. I’m not sure how this experience could be defined. It’s really given us experiences that I couldn’t have without it, and I always wanna ride it as far as I can. - Van

Wonderful. - Amir 

It’s been more wild than I ever expected. This was just a small hobby at the start and it’s grown into lifelong friendships and experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world. - Kenzo

5. Your initiative with “Thoughts on the Ceiling” by donating all the proceeds to Food Bank for NYC is absolutely beautiful! Tell us more about your initiative and why you chose this particular one.

We decided to donate to the Foodbank for New York City since we believe in their mission, and wanted to do our part in helping the people of our city. NYC has given us so much, including safe venues to play, friends, a recording space, etc, so we wanted to do our part and give back. We have been donating to many other organizations as well, to continue to do our part. - Levitt

6. What/who is your inspiration?

The world around us. There’s a lot of beauty if you look around. It can make you feel inspired and aware of the world around you. - Van

I’m usually inspired by the people around me and our cosmic connection. I think people who are able to connect others through an art form are pretty magical. I aspire to be magical. - Kenzo

7. What is each one’s creative process when it comes to composing and songwriting?

I personally need to come up with ideas through doing stuff. Every song I write and complete has to be done physically for it to be finished. That’s just how I focus best, and complete tasks. - Van

I have a pretty organic process. It usually starts with a jingle or a line and I develop it from there. I would say most of the songs I write start with music or melody and the lyrics come about after. - Kenzo 

I usually start with some chord progression on the piano and then I move to logic and try to make a demo. This whole quarantine I’ve been playing and writing almost exclusively on my acoustic piano. - Amir

8. What message do you wish to convey through your music?

I think the message changes each song. Kenzos particular lyrics usually are about some common theme(I’ll let him talk about that), but musically I think our music is a snapshot of our experience at the moment of writing. - Amir 

I generally want people to know they are not alone in their feelings. We are all astronauts floating through space. - Kenzo

9. Is there anything you would like to say about the current stresses all around the world?

I just hope people are staying safe in terms of health and if you can help others, please do. As for more social issues, I’m not sure I have the knowledge or vocabulary to give any good insite, but generally we believe in human decency and respect. It’s a bitter truth that the fight for equality is still a fight. Right now I’m trying to do my part to push for equality and respect in my own communities. - Kenzo

10. So, what’s next? What should we be on the lookout for?

We are making some more music, so that is something to look forward to. - Levitt

More music and more online content. - Kenzo

11. How do we gain access to your music?

Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer? - Amir

Here are the links to our newest single and EP.  - Levitt

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