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Isobel Knight & Post for The Meadow

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interviewer: Sara Sharif (@sarangelic)

interviewee: Isobel Knight (@knightizz ) and Post (@postmusic_____ )

This interview was done to put in perspective what collaborating to make music during a pandemic felt like! 


Stay tuned and scroll down to know more about the artists behind the EP and their journey.

t h e   i n t e r v i e w

1. Please start by introducing yourselves!                                             

We’re Isobel and Matt, friends and musical collaborators from Sydney, Australia. Matt performs under the moniker ‘Post’ and released his debut solo album last year. Iz releases music under her full name; Isobel Knight. Her latest release was the ‘Talking To Myself’ EP that came out in early 2019.

2. What genre would you say your music belongs to?

Loosely in the realm of folk and indie stuff, but with a lot of other genre’s sounds and tones sprinkled through. Iz’s solo stuff has soul and pop influences, and Post has alt-rock sounds. The combined EP brought a lot of these together while also being a bit of a departure for each of us from our solo sound.

3. When did you all decide to make the EP and what was the purpose to it?

Matt: For me I’d wanted to collaborate with Isobel for a while. We’d crossed paths musically prior to this and I’ve always held an admiration and respect for her writing. 

Isobel: I jumped at the chance as soon as Matt asked! He’s super creative and good at what he does. I thought it would be fun and, like, exciting creatively to see what we’d make if we worked together.

4. How has your journey been so far as individual artists?

Matt: I’ve dabbled in the Sydney music scene for a while playing and collaborating with different bands. Post is my first foray into solo stuff - loving it. 

Isobel: I grew up busking and playing in folk bands in the Blue Mountains, and started releasing solo stuff in 2018. Since then I’ve played shows in Aus and across the US, and have recorded a bunch. It’s fun to figure out what you love; shows and songwriting are the bits of music I’m obsessed with, at least at the moment.

5. What is your creative process when it comes to composing and song writing?

Isobel: It’s different project to project and at different times in life. Writing with other people is different too, and making ‘Leave and Let Go’ was partially just so fun because we bounce off each other pretty easily and are enthusiastic about each other’s ideas.

Matt: For this project it was fairly studio centric. We both brought some songs to the table and slapped them in a session and just kept experimenting with stuff.

6. What was the process of collaborating during quarantine? How did it affect the music?

Isobel: Restrictions had lifted enough to go into the studio to work, which was great, and Matt did a lot of mixing on his own.

Matt: Yeah pretty similar to what we said above; experimenting in the studio was the main thing.

Isobel: In terms of how the times shaped the music, I feel like it’s become more obvious looking at the finished thing; a lot of apocalyptic imagery and focus on love and loss.

Matt: If anything the quarantine just made the themes of the music feel  a bit more real.

7. Y’all are very inspiring and we’d love to know who inspires y’all!

Isobel: People who commit whole-heartedly to their craft, and who care about telling the truth. Also just people around me who work hard and have a lot of love to give.

Matt: Musically I could name so many, but I tend to find inspiration in artists who take risks sonically and aren’t afraid to try something that no one else is doing. 

8. What message do you wish to convey through your EP?

Isobel: It’s about togetherness and separation, but all with that threat of impending doom hanging over it. I think it centers love as important, as cheesy as it is to say and as difficult as it is to do.

9. What are your views about the current stresses all around world?

Matt: There’s definitely a lot to feel pretty helpless about and everyone one is probably under some kind of weight. It feels like a good time to listen and not make assumptions about each other’s situations. There’s just a lot happening, how do you know where to start.

Isobel: There’s a lot of tragedy, but it’s also been a year of reckoning in a big and great way. It’s so good for dialogues around fighting racism to be front and center. So good to consider what makes a good government. It’s so awful to see the fallout of a global pandemic and the existing structures that change who suffers most from that. I agree with Matt in a big way about it being a good time to listen.

10. So, what’s next? What should we be on the lookout for from each of you?

Isobel: I’ve got a solo album coming out at the end of the year called ‘Here Now’ that I’m so excited about, the first single will be in late September.

Matt: Enjoy the EP for a bit. Then for me it’s a two-track single in a couple months time.

11. How do we gain access to the EP, "Leave & Let Go"?

Matt: All the usual pipes; it’ll be on streaming platforms everywhere on Friday, August 7th.

A little something from Isobel & Post!

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